Mesquite Community Action Committee testing their bucket air monitor.

The Mesquite Community Action Committee is working with the Breathe In New Mexico campaign to test air quality in their town. They recently took an important step by participating in their bucket brigade training with Global Community Monitor. Mesquite residents learned how to assemble the bucket (see sidebar), take an air sample, and send it off to the lab for testing.

Mesquite, NM is a town of about 1,100 people that is located just south of Las Cruces.  Helena Chemical, a company that has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for air quality and other violations since 2004, operates in Mesquite.

The residents of Mesquite have long suspected that a variety of pollutants are coming from various sources in their community. The results from their bucket air samples will help them identify what is in the air they’re breathing, and what they can do to improve air quality for the residents of Mesquite.

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