Breathe in New Mexico is teaming up with South Valley residents in Albuquerque from the San Jose Neighborhood to begin working on environmental justice issues in their area. This area in the South Valley is located right along the rail lines. Here industry can located along the rail lines without any need for health impact statements and with no need to get approved for air quality permits, as a result of very loose zoning regulations.

For years, residents have complained about the large and diverse amount of industry that reside right near their homes, community centers, and schools. This ranges from refineries, chemical facilities, auto recycling plants, cement factories, etc.  As a result of this large industry presence, San Jose residents are determined to know what their impacts on the ambient air that they are breathing.

So Breathe In New Mexico and Global Community Monitor conducted a training with the San Jose neighborhood residents on bucket air monitors, which will  allow the San Jose bucket brigade to collect vital data on air quality in their community. Residents learned how to construct a bucket, obtain air samples, and send the samples off to a lab for testing. The buckets used in the San Jose neighborhood will yield test results that residents can use to demand industry clean-up of the ambient air around their homes.

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