Breathe In New Mexico and Global Community Monitor met with residents in New Mexico’s 4 corners region to train local residents there on how to use an air monitor to collect data by their homes.  This region has a lot of coal related industry activity, which includes coal mines and two large coal-fired power plants located only miles away from one another (San Juan Generating Station and Four Corners Power Plant).

As a result of these large industry presences, community members who live near the mines and power plants have long complained or air quality issues that affect not only them, but also the animals they raise and environment they live in.  In order to help them determine what exactly they are dealing with in the air, Diné CARE and community members have teamed up with Breathe In New Mexico to get air quality data.

In order to do this, community members will be using a particulate monitor (pictured) to study the particulate matter amount and make up that are a result of the nearby mines and power plants. The particulates that are measured with the air monitor will be tested and reported by a lab, finally giving families an accurate picture of what’s in the air they’re breathing.

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